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Having completed BAGLADY-IN-WAITING(external link), the first sequel to the BAGLADY(external link) Novel, I am gradually completing the second sequel, BAGLADY AT LARGE. And each time I finish a new novel, I'm reminded that it's never finished till it's finished, and sometimes not even then! A sentence can always be rephrased; a description can always be improved. And all the time spent refining and clarifying the prose is time well spent in the end.

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1 May 2016.This diagram is useful for jotting down/typing a sequence of plot points for your novel. You can use it as a roadmap when starting out, and then modify the details as you go along: FREE DOWNLOAD 1: Chapter Grid for Novel.docx FREE DOWNLOAD 2: Chapter Grid for a Novel.pdf

25 April 2016.This diagram is useful for keeping keep track of fictional characters when writing your novel: FREE DOWNLOAD 1: Character Map for a Novel.doc FREE DOWNLOAD 2: Character Map for a Novel.pdf

9 July 2015. FOR TEACHERS. If you're keen on DRAMA IN THE CLASSROOM, here is an account of our fun-filled experiment in school theatre performance. Included, also is the adapted playscript of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale that we developed for our creative venture, which also had a happy ending! Please share widely with your teacher colleagues: Drama in the Classroom.pdf

9 July 2015. And here are even more FREE DOWNLOADS for TEACHERS and PARENTS(external link)

11 March 2015. FOR FICTION and NON FICTION WRITERS! Take a look at the TABLE OF CONTENTS for the Self-publishing Workbook for Canadian Author-Publishers : You can see the Self-publishing Workbook cover on the right-hand column of your screen. FREE DOWNLOAD: TOC_Self-publishing Workbook.pdf

3 March 2015. FOR FICTION WRITERS! Here are my thoughts on keeping a journal as part of your creative endeavours. FREE DOWNLOAD: Journal Writing.pdf

16 December 2014. FOR FICTION WRITERS! Here is a handy template to help you create fictional characters for your novel or story: FREE DOWNLOAD 1: Fictional Character Profile Template.doc FREE DOWNLOAD 2: Fictional Character Profile Template.pdf

9 December 2014. This is a really interesting Publishing newsletter, and it's free. FREE PUBLISHING PERSPECTIVES NEWSLETTER(external link)

6 December 2014. To make writing easier, I like using a TEXT RECOGNITION software program. Along with that, all you need is a comfortable microphone headset to get started dictating your story. You can find out more at: DRAGON DICTATE(external link)

2 December 2014. Today I'd like to mention YWriter5. It's a FREE software created by a writer for writers, Simon Haynes. It's easy and fun to use. It has lots of useful features, such as helping writers to classify, keep track of, and organize the various elements and chapters of a book. Here is the FREE DOWNLOAD LINK(external link) if you would like to try out the program. To find out more: http://www.spacejock.com(external link)

21 November 2014. BOWKER(external link) reports steady output from the publishing industry, year on year: An invitation to add YOUR book to the mile-high pile!

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Welcome to Christina Manolescu's Home Page

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